Archery Tag Scheveningen

Archery tag Scheveningen is a new and exciting game in The Hague, Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van holland and can now be booked at Flitz events. Lots of action, excitement and adrenaline without getting bruises! Archery tag combines adrenaline and excitement. Do you play the game tactically or do you attack frontally?

Archery Tag Scheveningen is a new activity and can best be described as paintball, but with bow and arrow! Because the arrows are equipped with special foam tops, the game can be played safely but still exciting. We use paintball masks to protect the face. We can adjust the intensity of this outing to suit your group. Suitable for anyone who loves adventure. Archery Tag is an ideal activity for a bachelor party, team outing, company outing, sports day or team building.

Archery tag Scheveningen

Archery Tag Scheveningen is also called Shoot out, archery attack or Arrow Tag. Archery tag can be arranged on the beach, field or room. The playing field is set up with various (inflatable) objects.

On each side of the archery tag playing field, both teams have a target that the opponent must try to hit. When the opponent has knocked over all the opponent's targets, you have won! Of course you can also choose to eliminate all opponents. When a person is hit by an arrow, this person is eliminated for the relevant round. In the archery tag field there are only a few arrows so that the players are forced to move over the playing field to find new arrows.

Program Archery tag Scheveningen

Before Archery tag starts an explanation will be given about the use of the longbow and arrows. Of course the participants can practice on the targets before the game starts. We will make teams from 4 to 8 people and then you can choose from different game variants.

Scheveningen prices

From 10 persons: € 20,00
From 25 persons: € 17,50
From 50 persons: € 15.-

Duration Archery tag Scheveningen:

2 hours

Locations arhery Scheveningen:

Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland

Achery tag can easily be offered elsewhere (on location).

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