Winter activities on the beach of Scheveningen

This is how you get through the winter with your colleagues, friends and family:

Doing winter activities on the beach? Sure! Flitz events organize group activities throughout the year in and around Scheveningen. Especially the winter cold offers the right challenge to visit the beach. Flitz events creates all kinds of group events on and around the beach every season. Especially in winter many groups choose to do something on the beach. all kinds of group events. In winter, Flitz events therefore have the activities to look for the cold or to escape with some fun. Around the turn of the year it is of course a good time to organize a company outing or a family or friends day. There are also regular bachelor parties in the winter. On the contrary, it is nice to use the cold of winter to freshen things up nicely. Many people tend to just sit inside, but enjoy a day out at the beach and freshen up. Then looking up the heat is even more fun!

Wind along with all the winds with a Power Kiting workshop

Maybe you did power kiting once in the summer. But winter and fall are actually the best months if you want to make power kiting even more adventurous. The wind is of course just a bit louder and that makes a power kit workshop even more exciting. A professional instructor will explain to you during the workshop how you can power kit as a pro. Then you get to work yourself. If you dare you can also take a leap. Or are you ready for a competition, who will let the wind drag you furthest across the beach?

Look for the challenge indoors & sporty

You can also show off your sportiest side indoors with an indoor beach volleyball tournament. If you want to look up the beach feeling and get to work indoors in a sporting way, you can do that with the indoor beach volleyball workshop. This is a fun activity to do with both fanatic athletes and the recreational athlete. You will first receive some tips and tricks from a professional instructor. These are tips that benefit the real volleyball player, but also those who enter a volleyball court for the first time. Then the sporting battle can begin. You compete in teams in a real competition. That is just being active in the middle of all Christmas drinks and dinners in the winter months.

Practice your poker face with the winter activity poker

Winter may also be the time to take a chance at the poker table. Develop your poker face with a winter poker workshop. This is of course mainly for fun and a nice way to get to know your colleagues, friends or family from another side. Who can lie and cheat well? Who has a good understanding of the players and the game? The poker games are accompanied by official croupiers in suits. The workshop is also suitable for the inexperienced players. It must above all be a fun and exciting activity. The idea is that if it is going to be a fun day, everyone has already won.