Active, creative and exciting: What to do in Scheveningen with a group outing

What has been done in Scheveningen to succeed group outing to create? Scheveningen is the city of sun, sea and cosiness. But there is also plenty to experience with wind force 10. Here you can have a great time with a group at different times of the year. Flitz events welcomes you on the coast of South Holland for a day full of relaxation and excitement. Are you organizing a fun day for your colleagues, friends or family? In Scheveningen you have found the ingredients for a unique day together.

Scheveningen is the most famous seaside resort in the Netherlands. The vast beaches, the conviviality of the boulevard and the possibilities of the big city come together here. Here you will find the sea and the beach where you can get a breath of fresh air and enjoy the beach. But the boulevard and the city of The Hague also offer enough opportunity to entertain you. That is why Scheveningen is a nice place to be group activity to organise. It is therefore a popular location for the activities of Flitz events.

Experience Scheveningen with your colleagues during the activities of Flitz events

A successful one company outing is a guarantee for a good working atmosphere. You see each other daily, but when do you really talk to each other about important matters? It is always about the workplace and the direct issues that play a role there. A company outing is therefore very important because this way you get to know each other better and you talk about things other than work. Scheveningen and the surrounding area are the perfect place for that. On the beach you can all get a breath of fresh air. Flitz events organizes various fun activities that everyone can participate in. Sometimes creative, sporty, a bit competitive and it's all about making it a fun day.

What to do in Scheveningen for a memorable bachelor party

The wedding is something you celebrate when it is good, a success bachelor party so also. Often the expectant bride and groom throughout his or her life have gathered a mixed company of people around them who gave meaning to a certain period of his or her life. That is why it can be a job to organize a bachelor party where everyone can have fun. Scheveningen offers the space, challenge and cosiness to make it a successful party for everyone. In the top 5 you will find various activities with which you can go in all directions. Flitz events can tailor the activity to your wishes.

Scheveningen with a family day or family weekend

A family day or a family weekend is super fun, but adding a fun activity to it has extra added value. Scheveningen beach is of course the perfect place for a successful family outing. Whether the sun is shining or the wind is blowing nicely, you can always have fun on the beach. In addition, there is also plenty to do on the boulevard. Here is a top 5 of the most popular activities you can do in Scheveningen.

#1 Escape Room

It is extremely popular and therefore also in this top 5 van outings in Scheveningen: it escape room game. You are locked up together and have to escape through skill and insight. Unlock Scheveningen has several exciting Escape Room Experiences that let you float in a space separate from time and reality. See solving the riddles and puzzles to find your way back to reality. Flitz-Events invites you to an escape room game 2.0 Escape the city! Instead of being locked up in a room, there is now a hostage taking place somewhere in Scheveningen and The Hague. You must first find the hostages and then release them. Every riddle or puzzle that you solve brings you a little closer to the liberation. Hurry up, because the clock is ticking! Escape room games have become a hugely popular activity since their introduction a few years ago. Flitz events let you go on an adventure in the city with the Escape the City.

#2 Virtual Reality / VR Experience

Scheveningen becomes a gateway to other worlds and adventures with the VR Experience for groups. Virtual reality is a new way of experience entertainment. Because of the special glasses you see another world around you. With the glasses on you can also walk around and rotate 360 degrees. You are really in the virtual world through the glasses. Here you suddenly experience the sensation of a roller coaster. You go on from bend to bend. Do you dare to cross a canyon on a board? With the vr glasses on, the space in which you are standing has suddenly disappeared and you are standing on a shelf with a large depth below you. Or what do you do when all of a sudden aliens approach you? With your friends you have to defend your spaceship against an attack from aliens. But what is that? Is that really you on court in Wimbledon? There you are suddenly ready to finish your opponent in an exciting tennis match. Beat Saber is nice and nice to relax. With this you have to virtually beat the beat in half. Test your sense of rhythm with this VR game.

#3 Expedition Robinson

Scheveningen has always been the place where boats from all over the world arrived sailing from the ocean. Sometimes a group of drowning people also washed up. With the Expedition Robinson Just like then, you have to survive the hardships of the game. Everyone knows the exciting Expedition Robinson game from television. You compete in teams and you have to fulfill all kinds of assignments. Within an afternoon you will experience the excitement and sensation of a Expedition Robinson season. This game is done by many different groups because it is so versatile. There are parts that run pure uncle dexterity and endurance. With other components it is about how you can think carefully. For example, how do you make a campfire quickly? The Expedition Robinson game is not only a fun game for an outing but also a good team building activity. With the game you learn to look at the cooperation in your team in a new way. You work together every day, but the Expedition Robinson game suddenly revolves around other things that you would not normally encounter on the shop floor. At least it will not often happen that you have to build a slingshot together to escape from bloodthirsty cannibals ... An Expedition Robinson game gets to know your colleagues in a new way.

#4 Powerkiten

Playing with the elements of nature on the beach has always passed for young and old. powerkiting let you feel how strong the wind is blowing. If you want, you even get completely free from the ground. At a power kit workshop you will be guided by an experienced instructor. This explains everything to you and shows you the possibilities with power kiting. After that you can get to work yourself. You get the instructions in such a way that you quickly learn some techniques in a safe way. You learn to play on the wind with your kite. Then you can let the kite fly and take a leap yourself. The feeling that the wind blows briefly is insane. Do you already feel the jitters in your stomach? If you want to throw a little competition in it, you can do competitions, in which the farthest with the power kite can drag on the beach. The workshop lasts approximately 2 hours and is given in addition to Scheveningen in Hoek van Holland or Kijkduin.

#5 Sand sculptures

Building sandcastles everyone has ever done but with a sand sculpture workshop you just go a little higher. Yes, use the sand as a real Michelangelo to create the most beautiful images. Scheveningen with the wide beaches is of course the ideal place for this activity. There is plenty of space and sand and the environment inspires artistic performance. Sand sculptures are made under the guidance of a professional instructor who will explain exactly what is possible with the sand. At the end, all works of art are assessed by a professional jury and the ultimate sand artist is proclaimed. A sand sculpture workshop makes about 2 hours expensive. This is a creative outing which is nice during a family day. For example, could you make a sand sculpture of your family? Or maybe you can design and implement a family crest. It is also a great team building activity. Working together on something beautiful inspires.

What to do in Scheveningen?

Have you found something between this top 5, feel free to inquire about the possibilities. You can put together a package deal via Flitz events. This way you can combine an activity with a snack and a drink or really eat out. Flitz events works together with various restaurants and pavilions. So you can enjoy the day with a snack and a drink. You can also combine various activities in the package. This way you can easily put together a whole day where everyone can do something fun. In addition to this top 5 of activities, there are various other activities. For example, you can start or end the day with a cruise. Or maybe you want to get in the mood for a bachelor party with a cocktail making workshop. There are also various sporting challenges such as a hexathlon where you can assemble the various components. Discover the possibilities for an unforgettable day out in Scheveningen.