Ribboat Scheveningen

High speed boat trips are organized off the coast of Scheveningen with a RIB Powerboat in Scheveningen. Well, cruises? The small piece of sailing out of the harbor is perhaps the most similar to the average cruise. As soon as open water is reached, the throttle opens. Then hold on tight! With high speeds over the water ... waves ... angled curves ... a roller coaster ride is nothing. Powerboat boating guarantees an unforgettable experience with a high adrenaline level.

The powerboat are also known as the 4 × 4 of the water. Put in a safety vest it's time to pull the throttle open and you float over the water.
The powerboat has an enormous capacity and is more than sufficient to transport a group of 10 passengers. Larger groups of people can be divided over multiple sailing sessions or boats.

Our professional captains will take you through the water with radical maneuvers and speeds from 80 to 100 kilometers per hour! During the trip it is possible to take a nice group photo.

This is a tough ride off the coast of Scheveningen, where you certainly should not be afraid of some splashing salt water. This is the ultimate breath of fresh air.

Prices powerboat sailing Scheveningen:

Groups from 5 persons: € 37,50 per person
Groups from 10 persons: € 35,00 per person
Groups from 30 persons: € 32,50 per person

Prices are per person and include VAT

Ask for the prices in combination with another activity!

Length of time:
30 minutes



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