Power kiting Kite watching dune beach

Kiting and Powerkiting Kijkduin beach

Kiting and Powerkiting Kijkduin beach

Would you like to fly kites or power kites in Kijkduin? Kite flying on the Kijkduin beach is the ultimate challenge!

Kiting / Power-kiting is the ultimate challenge for sporty people who love the beach and wind. Enjoy a day at the beach of Scheveningen, Kijkduin or Hoek van Holland with Nasawing kites and mattresses in all shapes and sizes.

Small kites for people who want to relax. And larger ones for people who go for the extreme and want to experience the power of the wind themselves.

We teach you how to steer the special kites in a safe way and of course we teach you a lot of fun tricks!


The Kijkduin beach has recently been considerably broadened for the purpose of strengthening the coast. In the quiet seaside resort Kijkduin you can enjoy! Privacy and tranquility are thus guaranteed at a unique location on the beach with a sea view. Delicious after the meeting get a breath of fresh air on Kijkduin beach, choose from the various activities that suit you! Take a long walk or bike ride through the dunes. With the GPS dune dropping, Flitz events shows you Kijkduin in a fun and creative way.

Kijkduin is easily accessible both by public transport and by car.

  • Free Parking
  • Large parking lots

In addition to taking care of your outing, we have a number of beach pavilions throughout Kijkduin selected with which we would like to cooperate. The restaurants and beach bars are unique and have proven themselves in recent years as an excellent partner and catering service. However, we are not location-specific and we also regularly work from various other beach pavilions.

Flitz events were different restaurants and beach bars together. Indicate which beach tent suits you best. We take all worries out of your hands. From 1 activity to a totally organized beach day at Kijkduin.

You can choose the ready-made beach days, 1 activity or a customized beach day.

In addition to kite flying / power kiting in Kijkduin, we also offer other activities on the beaches of Noordwijk, Scheveningen, Kijkduin and Hoek van Holland (other locations on request)

Click here for information and prices about kite flying / power kiting!

You can also always contact us.Kite flying / power kite Kijkduin

Kiting can be booked from 2 people to 150 people, but can also be combined with other activities. With a combination of 2 activities, a discount will always be given on both activities.

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