Workshop Cocktail Shaken Scheveningen

Scheveningen cocktail workshop

A Cocktail workshop in a summer atmosphere on the beach of Scheveningen. During the cocktail shaking workshop you will learn everything about mixing and shaking cocktails.

During the workshop in Scheveningen, after a brief introduction to our bartender, you will get started with shaking, stirring 3 different cocktails. Obviously such mixing techniques and bar equipment will come by. The bartender will tell you everything and of course present you, you will learn the tricks of the trade step by step about how to prepare a good cocktail.

Everyone will make their cocktail at the same time during the cocktail workshop under the guidance of the bartender. If desired, you can also choose to prepare an alcohol-free cocktail.

Scheveningen cocktail workshop

In addition to learning to mix, the cocktail workshop in Scheveningen is of course primarily a social occasion. It promotes group spirit and togetherness within the group.

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