Expedition Robinson The Hague, Scheveningen

Robinson Crusoe experience

Expedition Robinson is a true teambuilding activity at the Scheveningen, Kijkduin and The Hague. White beaches, coconuts, feet in the sand and friends around you, who wouldn't want that? But relaxing in your hammock is not possible! Because you are stranded on a tropical island, which at first sight seems to be uninhabited. But it soon becomes apparent that cannibals live on the island! Do you dare to take the challenge? Sign up now for Expedition Robinson Scheveningen | The Hague!

Expedition Robinson Scheveningen | The Hague? To do!

Through teamwork, cleverness and perseverance you have to save yourself. Escape the cannibals by building a block tower, shoot coconuts with a self-built slingshot, make a fire on the beach and much more. Do you have the power to do everything to get rid of the island alive? Then Expeditie Robinson Scheveningen is the challenge you are looking for! Teambuilding is central during this teambuilding activity. Only by working together as a team can you get rid of the island as winners.
Through the combination of power and cleverness during the assignments, each team member is encouraged to get everything out to conquer together. That way nobody will be left behind and you will win as a team!

Perseverance, smartness and agility

The games from Expeditie Robinson are developed by ourselves and therefore unique in the Netherlands! We assure you that you will end the day as a closer team and as better friends. And of course it is best to drink a drink (or two) on it!

Tests Expedition Robinson The Hague | Scheveningen:

All tests below are performed, of course if you want to change a test this is no problem, ask for the possibilities.

  1. Team Flag
  2. Constrution Quist (XXL Jenga)
  3. Shoot the Cannibal (XXL Catapult build)
  4. Build a water challange or bamboo tower
  5. Puzzle + mind games
  6. Obstacle course combined with making fire
  7. Draw Liaan

Including prize giving with a cup

Competition oriented, creative, team building and Sporting!

Duration of expedition Robinson The Hague | Scheveningen:

  • 2 a 2.5 hour

Robinson expedition locations:

Beach tents:


Robinson expedition prices:

Group from 8 persons: € 20,00
Group from 25 persons: € 17,50
Group from 50 persons: € 15.00
Group from 80 persons: € 12,50

Prices are per person and include VAT

Request a quote directly

Example program Expedition Robinson The Hague:

You can determine your own start time, so if you want to start later or earlier, that is possible.

  • 13.00 hour - Reception with a delicious lunch (optional)
  • 14.00 hour - Reception of guests on location / beach tent The Hague
  • 14.15 hour - Welcome + explanation program, opportunity to change clothes
  • 14.30 hour - Start of Expedition Robinson The Hague
    15.30 hour Short break
  • 15.45 hour Start part 2 of Expeditie Robinson Scheveningen | the Hague
  • 16.45 hour Expedition Robinson Scheveningen
  • 17.00 hour The award ceremony and closing of the programOptional
  • 17.00 hour Subsequently drink hour
  • 18.00 hour BBQ / dinner / buffet start
  • 20.00 hour End of program

Participate in Expedition Robinson in The Hague

Everyone is familiar with the extremely popular television program Expeditie Robinson. A group of people has to survive through assignments on an uninhabited island. If you look at the program yourself, the thought must have come up that you wanted to participate in the program yourself, and now you can. You don't have to go all the way to the other side of the world for weeks, but you can just come to The Hague.

Experience the Expedition Robinson experience in The Hague

On the beach of The Hague and Scheveningen you can experience what it is like to participate in the Expedition Robinson program. You participate with your own group of friends, family, colleagues or clubmates and you are then split into different teams. In these teams you compete against each other, but just like in the TV program you have to watch your own team members in addition to your opponents. You fight against the other teams by performing specific assignments, in which sportsmanship, good cooperation and perseverance are all about. After each game round there is a winner and a loser and a voting round follows, in which you anonymously give the members of the other teams a positive vote. With these votes the team members receive points, which are important for the final ranking in the final.

Only suitable for real daredevils

Just like in the television program, participants in Expedition Robinson The Hague should not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and they must have a wide range of basic techniques. You win Expeditie Robinson Den Haag by being agile, fast and strong, but also good cooperation with your team members and a little bit of luck are important to get rid of the beach as the winner.

Expedition Robinson The Hague Crusoe Experience

In addition to the standard version of the television program, there is also a unique Expedition Robinson The Hague, which is slightly different than what you will see on TV. This is the so-called Robinson Crusoe Experience, in which you end up on an uninhabited island just like with the regular Robinson Expedition, at least that's what you think at the beginning. The Crusoe Experience combines the popularity of Expedition Robinson in The Hague with elements from video games and scary films, for in this version you do not fight against other teams, but against a group of hungry cannibals. These cannibals can only be defeated by completing assignments, such as building a giant tower or by running an obstacle course. This version of Expeditie Robinson Den Haag combines the active and team spirit driven part of Expeditie Robinson with a lot of excitement and sensation. The ultimate survival test that is suitable for company outings, birthdays, bachelor parties and many more matters.

Participate in Expedition Robinson The Hague

Flitz Events organizes Expeditie Robinson The Hague and the Robinson Crusoe Experience on the Scheveningen beach several times. If you want to participate in one of the two activities, or perhaps both, you can request a quote on the website. This way you know that you can participate in this unique experience.