The best outings in Noordwijk

The Netherlands has many seaside resorts and Noordwijk is one of them. The town in the north of South Holland is perfectly suited for a beautiful summer day. But even when the weather is a bit worse, you can really stay in Noordwijk for an outing. Do you want to go to Noordwijk for a fun day out without going to the beach or having to depend on the weather? Then take a look at the following locations.

The best outings in Noordwijk

1. Space Expo

What else is there in this universe? Are we the only one? To get an answer to this question you can go to the Space Expo in Noordwijk for a day. Here you get an excursion through all aspects of space travel, from the first moon landing to contemporary developments. Imagine yourself as the new André Kuipers through the galaxy and discover what the Space Expo has in store for you.

2. Churches

Are you fascinated by the Christian faith, or do you like the architectural delights that have been put down on earth in the name of this belief? Then you can get along well in Noordwijk. Here you have many different churches in the most beautiful styles, which you just keep looking at. For example, you have the Oude Jeroenskerk and "Nieuwe" Sint Jeroenskerk, both built according to the standards of the Roman Catholic Church. There is also a beautiful monastery that even serves as a wedding location.

3. Jumpin 'Noordwijk

Are you together with children who, after the umpteenth work of art, will get bored and want to romp? Then this is the perfect getaway for your offspring. Jumpin 'Noordwijk is a giant sports hall where your children can jump around endlessly and long. The floors here are made of trampolines, there are trays with soft blocks in them for a good dive in and much more. You no longer have a child on them all day, but if you want to let yourself go, no one will stop you from taking a leap of your own.

4. Coepelduynen nature reserve

Do you want to come and enjoy the beautiful and unspoilt nature that our country has to offer, but you don't want to go all the way to the Veluwe? Who says this is necessary? Around Noordwijk, nature is not only a beautiful beach, but also a lot of forests with breathtaking views. In Coepelduynen Nature Reserve you can enjoy the beautiful nature that our Dutch dune landscape has to offer. The nature reserve is maintained by Staatsbosbeheer and has an area of ​​almost two square kilometers. Coepelduynen is also well suited for a transit, because through these dunes you can go straight from Noordwijk to Katwijk.

5. Atlantic Wall Museum Noordwijk

The Atlantic Wall was a mile-long line of defense in the Atlantic during World War II, built by the Nazis from Germany to stop Allied forces trying to liberate the occupied countries. A German bunker complex has been restored in Noordwijk to commemorate this special event in history. You imagine yourself here through the many corridors that the bunker is rich in and tell the story of how things were going at this time. History has never been so lively and fun.

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