Pentathlon on the beach

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Are you looking for a competitive and spectacular outing for your colleagues or staff, going back in time to the well-known Star Battle. Then you don't have to look any further. A competition is being organized for 12 teams which all complete the 6 parts against different opponents. A team can only win if they work well together, fully go for it and have the right tactics. The team that always works best, communicates and determines the best strategy will win the most points and go home with the Master cup Cup at the end of the 6Kamp. Which team wins and can feel the winner for a year?

Hexathlon / beach games:

The 6 camp consists of parts varying in sports and games such as:


From 10 people: € 20,00 From 25 people: € 17,50 From 50 people: € 15.- From 100 people: € 12,50 From 200 people: € 12, - From 300 people ask for the quote and availability

* There are extra costs for bumperz football.

Competition oriented, creative, team building and Sporting!

You take care of enthusiastic participants and we take care of the organization, guidance and development.

We provide: - the guidance - the competition schedule - Large cup

Duration of the hexathlon:

  • 2 hours

Hexathlon locations:

Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland, Zandvoort Other location? Also possible only in discussion with us.

Beach tents:

Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland, Zandvoort

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