Family day

Is it your turn this year to organize the traditional family day? Or will this be the first time this year? Flitz-Events has several options to make this day a successful one. On our site you can go under the heading activities find information about the different activities that we can arrange for you. Of course combinations between the different activities are possible.

During the family day the adults can fully enjoy the active parts such as expedition Robinson, power kiting of hexathlon while we go treasure-digging or kite crafting with the kids. To make your day complete, you can end with a cozy and delicious BBQ at 1 from our TOP locations.

If you have special wishes, then this can of course be discussed with us! Feel free to contact us for more information or request a quote without obligation through the application form so that we can organize a 'Flitzende' day for you!

We recommend the following locations: