Bachelor party?

These are the 7 tips that you should not forget!

Are you the one designated to organize a nice bachelor party? Organizing a bachelor party often involves a lot, so don't forget that. Don't worry, we have tips to help you organize a bachelor party. Handy, right?!

Tip 1 - Choose a suitable theme for your bride / groom!

Your best friend, brother or sister is getting married and you are the one who can organize the bachelor party? This should, of course, be a great day, so that naturally includes a suitable theme. But that is easier said than done!

Before you can indulge yourself in the purchase of party items and the enormous search for cool bachelorette activities, you need to know which crazy and fun theme will be central to your bachelor party. The bride / groom is of course the most important person of the bachelor party on this day, so it is up to you to choose a good theme that matches the bachelor's personality.

Tip 2 - Which activity (s) do you choose for your bachelor party?

If the bachelor is a sporty woman or man, it is nice to plan a sporting activity with the best friends. You can think of unique sports activities such as hexathlon and Expedition Robinson. If your bachelor is not into sports, it is more fun for him or her to do another activity. You can think of sand cultures and cocktail shaking workshop. The entire bachelor party is of course about the bride, so it is important that she really likes the party and activity.

Tip 3 - Provide a guest list that the bride / groom agrees with.

To make the bachelor party unforgettable, it is of course important that there is a top atmosphere. That is why it is important that you collect all the best friends. The bachelor is kept out of most of the bachelor party. But it is still important to involve him / her in drawing up the guest list. Who should definitely be there and would he rather not have them at their bachelor party? By involving the bachelor in the guest list, you also know for sure that you don't forget to invite anyone important. It is also useful to involve bachelor, because that way you also have the telephone number and addresses of everyone. So you know where to send the invitation. This way you gather a great group to give your friend a great farewell to the bachelor life.

Tip 4 - Choose the date of this great bachelor party.

Now that you know who is on the guest list, you can put all the calendars together. For this, use an online date picker or create a whatsapp group. This way you can consult and see when everyone can or cannot. When not everyone can go on the different dates, you can see on which date most people can. Make choices: choose a date on which the best friends of the bachelor could come anyway. These are the most important thing to have.

Start setting a date early in advance, then you have the best chance that everyone can be there. In addition, many activities and locations often have to be booked weeks in advance. Plan the bachelor party a few weeks before the wedding, so everyone can fully enjoy the bachelor party and still appear fresh at the wedding. So get started right away!

Tip 5 - The budget of the bachelor party.

Discuss with everyone who comes to the bachelor party what amount they want to spend on the bachelor party. Keep in mind that there may be people with different incomes in the group, so that you will not have to pay for people. So keep it tidy and 'average' with regard to the budget. Of course, the bachelor himself does not have to pay anything, so be sure to include that in your calculations. Now that the budget is known, you can choose and book activities for the bachelor party.

Now that you know roughly what the price per person will be for activities, lunch, drinks, dinner and so on. Send that to all participants for an agreement, so nice to ask again if everyone agrees!

Tip 6 - Create and send a creative invitation.

A bachelor day is usually an informal event. It is therefore not necessary to send paper invitations. For example, you can make it easy for yourself and turn the party into a Facebook event. In this way you can immediately see who can be present, who maybe and who not. On this event page you can also immediately exchange ideas and make arrangements with all other invited parties. If not everyone is on Facebook, you can also reach people via e-mail or telephone. Instead of a simple e-mail message, it might be a nice idea to send them an e-card. You can compile this easily and cheaply through the Vistaprint websites.

Tip 7 - Take photos of this fun day!

Of course you always want to keep all memories of the bachelor party, so make lots of different kinds of photos! The days after the bachelor party, if it is still fresh, make sure you have collected as many photos of the bachelor party as possible from all participants and send all photos to all guests. These can come in handy in the preparations for the wedding for a presentation or speech, for example. An extra tip is also to record this day in a photo album and you could, for example, use Albelli or Pixum to make this album.

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