Winter wonderland / Apres ski Games / winter games

Experience the Austrian Après-ski cosiness here in our beautiful cold little country. Imagine yourself in a beautiful ski village surrounded by all kinds of challenging Après ski games. Will you be the new Après-ski king / queen?

After a warm welcome, accompanied by a hot chocolate or a delicious glass of mulled wine, the participants are taken by the ski instructors. The ski instructors take you to the destination, where you will be divided into different teams, in order to compete with each other. Can you handle the typical Austrian challenges with your team?

Challenge yourself and your teammates!

  • Race against the other teams on cross-country skis,
  • hit the nail on the head as quickly as possible,
  • do you catch the icicle?

Are you the real tigers of the company? Then prove it, by getting the most points with the beer mugs.

It is cold outside so the fireplace must be on quickly! Who is the first to have enough wood to make a fire?

The Après-ski games are an ideal combination of fun, knowledge, togetherness, fun.

Team building with a high fun content which strengthens the mutual bond of your colleagues, which in turn has an extra addition to the work! Get to know your colleagues in a different way, discover who the creative person is, the watchman or the striver! A wonderful way to see your colleagues in a different light!

Fight each other in different Austrian villages, will you and your team become the winner of all these villages? Then you can call yourself a true Austrian!

Awarding Winterwonderland:

The jury will announce which team has won. In consultation it can be determined whether you want to appoint a jury or whether we will provide a winner.

Price winter wonderland:

From 10 persons: € 22,50
From 25 persons: € 20, -
From 50 persons: € 17,50
From 80 persons: € 15, -

Duration of winter wonderland:

  • 2 hours

You can choose from 6 different games:

tyrolean cow's milkTyrolean Cow milking
Have you ever milked a "real" tyrolean cow?
Who is the first to get the bucket full when sitting on a stool?
beer mug shrubs Beer mug sliders
Who pushes their beer mug farthest? Have your beer mug stop as close to the end of the table as possible
of course not too far!
jenga-1 Giant Snow Jenga
Jenga? Everyone knows that from the past: building old blocks. Will you manage to take a block from the tower without it falling over?
darts 1 Snow dart
Are you the ice-cold Barney of your friends, colleagues? Prove this then is with Snowball darts, darts on a large board and try to score the 180.
lederhosen-hang-2 Hang lederhosen
Lederhosen hanging Ever flew out of the bend with skiing at that deep canyon? There you hang on the suspenders of your ski pants on a creaking branch looking at an abyss that is hundreds of meters deep. Can you hold it long enough for the rescue to come?
spijkerslaan-1 Nail Schlag (+ Quiz)
Which team will be the first to ram the four tacks in the tree trunk? The number of strokes counts during the preliminaries, but during the finals everything revolves around the fastest time. The pointed bricklayer hammer makes this part extra interesting.
download Biathlon Shooting
Do you see yourself as a true hunter? Then prove it in the reindeer shooting game, if you earn the most points by shooting, you win the game!

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