Power kiting in Scheveningen

Thanks to the wide beach there is enough space around the activities care on the beach, so ideal for one company outing.

Right now is kite flying / power kiting the most popular part of a company outing in Scheveningen.

Kite flying / power kiting in Scheveningen is accessible to everyone. Small kites for people who want to relax. And larger ones for people who go for the extreme and want to experience the power of the wind themselves. Everyone can decide for themselves what kind of kite he or she wants to fly. In this 2 hour we teach everyone to fly a kite! Kiting is a fun activity for both young and old!

Large and small kites are ready upon arrival. We start with smaller sizes, for everyone safe learn to fly the kite. As things get better, you can try with bigger kites!

Of course wind is needed to fly, we have larger kites for little wind and smaller kites for strong wind. We can already start from wind force 2!

For more information and prices you can look at activities kite flying / power kiting

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