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Are you looking for a location perfect for a company outing in one of the nicest cities in the Netherlands? Then come to The Hague! The Hague is very easy to reach for every target group, in addition, this beautiful city immediately gives you a home feeling! After a company outing in The Hague you will be fully equipped for a new working week. If you are looking for the best organized company outing in The Hague, you can go to Flitz events justly! Choose from the following activities.

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Top 3 winter outings

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Below you will find our top 3 winter company outings:

Company outing The Hague at Flitz events

During the day you can do one of our very nice company outings, after which you can enjoy the evening after one out at one of our great restaurants! Do you want to see the joy of the face shine with every invitee? Then a company outing in The Hague is guaranteed to be the right choice! Our experienced staff will do everything to ensure you have a great day that you won't have to worry about. For a company outing in The Hague where all your wishes are always taken into account! You can close your company outing while enjoying a delicious dinner, barbecue or just a nice drink.

Flitz events makes for a unique company outing in The Hague!

Spending a company outing with your colleagues throughout the day in The Hague, there will certainly be a long talk about it in the workplace! Flitz-events specializes in taking care of a company outing that will not be forgotten. When you come back next time, you can expect the same good service. We have a wide and diverse package, so after one outing you are certainly not bored of Flitz events.

Cheap company outing The Hague

Do you want a cheap company outing in The Hague? That is also possible!
Flitz-events specializes in high-quality company outings and staff outings at competitive prices. At Flitz events you can book a company outing in The Hague for almost any budget. Ask for the possibilities.

About Flitz events

Flitz-events specializes in arranging and organizing events at various locations in The Hague. In collaboration with various restaurants in The Hague, it is possible to create a fully catered day entirely based on your wishes, whereby you determine the day program with various activities yourself. We offer the perfect getaway in the hague for any time of the year. The events are open to everyone; young and old, sporty or not sporty. Do not hesitate and check the site quickly!

If you cannot find something or if there are questions, do not hesitate and take it immediately contact with us so we can help you!

For more information, call 06 47 03 71 10 or mail to [Email protected] We will contact you within 24 hours.

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