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Take a pub quiz: Socializing and fighting with a drink within reach

Pub quiz is a popular game spilled over from the pubs in the UK and now very popular in the Netherlands. The principle is simple but a guarantee for an exciting fight. While enjoying a snack and a drink, you play in teams against each other while the quizmaster asks the questions. Whoever knows the most questions is the winner. For a company outing this is an exciting and relaxing activity in which laughter and sometimes fanatic fights for fantastic prizes. But of course it's all about the great honor of being the winner of the pub quiz.

Fighting for the honor, with a nice snack and a drink

With a pub quiz you are all sitting comfortably with a drink in a cafe, but this can also be done at other locations. Your group is divided into teams and then the battle starts. Who knows first the answer to the most diverse questions? It starts pleasantly, but you will see that the atmosphere soon becomes very fanatic. The experienced quizmaster will guide you through the game.

Answers you've always wanted to know

What is someone afraid of having arachnophobia? What language do they speak in Hawaii? Or perhaps the most difficult: How many eyebrows do Bert and Ernie have together? The answer to this last question: One, because Ernie has no eyebrows and Bert has one. That is another thing worth knowing about you: never knew. For example, a pub quiz is full of all kinds of questions that you can know and about which you are surprised about the answer. That's why a pub quiz is so popular. The quiz makers are real professionals and know how to create the right mix between topics. They also come up with questions for game shows on television.

Pub Quiz show

Something for everyone

In addition to questions, a pub quiz can also consist of audio clips or films. Extreme concentration is required, so pay attention! In addition to audio clips, there are also questions that revolve around music moments. So there is something for everyone and you always know something about a certain subject. This often makes the result so surprising. Talent and knowledge sometimes comes from unexpected sources. The quizmaster is the one who leads the game. He or she turns it into a real show and knows how to bring the tension to great heights. However, the quizmaster is also an inexorable referee who does not approve half answers. Cheating is of course completely out of the question.

A pub quiz especially for you and your colleagues

For your company outing you can discuss in advance how the quiz looks like. In this way the questions can be more related to your professional sector. In addition, questions specific to your company can also be processed in the quiz. This way a pub quiz also becomes personal. The pub quiz can be given at various locations and fits into every season and season. Book a pub quiz for a guaranteed fun and exciting company outing. The pub quiz can be part of various packages and can be combined with other activities to create a spectacular day out for you and your colleagues.

Prices Pub quiz

From 10 press. € 22,50
From 25 press. € 17,50
From 50 press. € 15
From 100 press. € 12,50

Duration Pub quiz

- 2.5 hours

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