Bumperz wrestling

Bubble football is a playful branch of sumo wrestling where the players wear an inflated suit that serves as a cushion. This allows the players to collide, bump and roll without feeling anything. This results in hilarious scenes for both the players and the spectators. Bump your opponent to the ground or out of the ring.

A afternoon BumperZ Bubble wrestling guarantees laughter, howling and roaring at each other's actions. When the BumperZ are awarded for a game of BumperZ Bubble wrestling, the atmosphere is tense. Nobody knows exactly what awaits him or her. As soon as the referee whistles before the start of a game of BumperZ Bubble, everyone forgets the fear and flies in full. Bump your opponent down two meters further on the ground with a soft thud. More than a big dent in his ego, the opponent does not care, but the spectators, on the other hand, do not recover from laughter.

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