Shoot Out

New at Flitz events… .. Shoot Out!

The ultimate battle between criminals from The Hague. How well can you keep an eye on your opponents? And can you also outsmart them by using different cunning tricks? Who is going to win this battle and gets the biggest loot ever in his possession? Take on the battle during this GPS tour, but hurry up! The clock keeps ticking and before you know it you are too late!

Prices Shoot Out

Group from 10 persons: € 30,00
Group from 25 persons: € 27,50
Group from 50 persons: € 25.00
Group from 80 persons: € 22,50

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How works Shoot Out

Shootout is played with
using tablets on which you can see your opponents walking around. beside
You can perform various actions via the tablet. Ultimately it is all about
that your team earns as much money as possible within time. You can earn money through it, for example
blowing up safes. But for that you need dynamite. Make that here
enough of it. But walk alongside your team and your opponents
There are other virtual players in the game. Be especially careful of the police, because
he can just ask you for money. Do you dare to play this game?

Program Shoot Out

  • Reception by Flitz events;
  • Explanation by the
    gamemasters (instructors);
  • Organize the teams;
  • Time to play !;
  • Award ceremony.

winning team will receive a prize. The game will total around 2 hours
last. Flitz events offers Shoot Out for groups from 10 people. Take the battle
and make sure you outsmart your opponents!