Disc Golf Frisbee on the Beach

Meet the now immensely popular sport disc golf! This makes golf the ideal (summer) sport. Sun, sea, beach and ... golf, the ideal combination for a fun day out!

Disc Golf is an individual sport similar to regular golf and is played on the beach. The goal is to reach a certain goal with as little throw as possible, the pole hole. The most important elements are team building, coordination and strategy.

You have a choice of different frisbees, such as the 'driver' for the longer distance, the 'approach disk' for the medium distance and the 'putter' for the last piece. So this is just like golf, where you can choose from the different clubs.

After a short introduction to the different materials and throwing techniques, we will take a tour of the course. Wonderfully relaxing and super competitive!

Disc golf can of course also be combined with our other Strand Events!

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