Bubble soccer

Run, roll and bounce over the beach and knock each other over this is the hilarious game Bubble Soccer!

Bubble football is a spectacular variant of football, where the players lift themselves into an inflated ball. This suit serves as protection, but also as a weapon. This allows players to be the craziest antics are removed. This provides a spectacular experience with the players rolling over the field. It is fantastic to but also hilarious to see. It is a physical and mental one battle which will work fantastic on the muscles of laughter. So dare you up to this challenge ?!

Two or more teams compete against each other, but with Bubble football everything is allowed!

Make it as difficult as possible for your opponent by pounding them out of the field, knocking them over and making them fly through the air. Not only the ball is the target, but also the opponent. Are you able to conquer the ball? Or better yet: are you able to stand upright?

The competition is one big party, where fun, team spirit, collaboration and self-confidence are paramount. Bubble football is the ideal, most hilarious game for one company outing, family day, bachelor party of friends day.

Bubble football program

In bad weather it is possible to play Lumpy football in a room. When booking, Flitz events will inform you about the options.

  • Possible reception with a drink
  • Explanation of Bubble football
  • Attract bubble balls and make teams
  • Play tournament
  • Conclusion with a beach dinner or BBQ
  • Optional: ask for the options

With Bubble Football on the program of one company outing, family day, bachelor party of friends day, are you sure it becomes a hilarious and original afternoon!

The Bubble footbal can of course be perfectly combined with other activities such as it power kiting of expedition Robinson.

Bubble footbal duration:

  • 2 hours

Prices bubble footbal:

From 8 persons: € 20, -
From 20 persons: € 17,50
From 35 persons: € 15, -

Competition oriented, creative, team building and Sporting!


Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland
Other location? Also possible only in discussion with us.

Beach tents:

Scheveningen, Kijkduin, Hoek van Holland

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Combination package:

Of course you can also choose several activities. We can make an extra nice price for this!

Bubble soccer Scheveningen + expedition Robinson Scheveningen:

From 10 persons: € 30, -
From 25 persons: € 27,50
From 50 persons: € 25, -


Bubble soccer Scheveningen + Archery tag Scheveningen:
From 10 persons: € 30, -
From 25 persons: € 27,50
From 50 persons: € 25, -