Beach Games / Beach Games

Are you talking about beach games or beach games, you talk about sports, games and beach. We have a wide range of all sorts beach activities. The group is divided into different teams that will compete against each other. In an exciting competition, the best team will eventually win and take the trophy away. But before the time comes the necessary sporting efforts will have to be made.

Of course you can also opt for the hexathlon, but with the beach games you can put together your own day. For example, build 1 hour bamboo tower and 1 hour beach volleyball. Or choose our different ones beach days!

We have put together the typical beach games for you. Because the beach games differ a lot from the regular sports, you often experience a lot of fun. Moreover, the healthy sea air gives an extra dimension to sports on the beach. Perfect for when you have a family day or just fun as a company outing for a bit of team building, but also as a bachelor party of friend outing this type of group activity has a very relaxing effect. See which types of beach games appeal to you the most.

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