Christmas outing / activity Scheveningen

Celebrate the festive season with a Christmas outing on the beach of Scheveningen

Looking for a successful Christmas outing? Flitz-events offers various possibilities in Scheveningen and surroundings to perfectly entertain you with a group. Christmas is a great opportunity to be together and to do something fun together. Sitting at the Christmas tree all day is very nice, but more action in the tent is fun. Flitz-events is an expert in organizing successful group activities and has many opportunities to do something together especially for Christmas.

Christmas outing as a company outing or family or friends day

It is sometimes difficult for a company to find a suitable way to celebrate Christmas and end the year every year. A Christmas drink is of course nice, but a little predictable. A real Christmas activity is therefore fun to do. Flitz events offers throughout the year activities and knows how to add a cozy Christmas outing around Christmas time. That is why the Christmas outings at Flitz events are also very suitable for organizing something for one family day of company outing. Doing something together makes Christmas different to celebrate together. Flitz events organizes various Christmas outings, so there is something that suits you

Discover Winter Wonderland

Go on an adventure winter wonderland! With some real ones winter games you are completely in the Christmas mood. You will all find challenges to do in a winter-decorated village. Like the game Nagelslach with a quiz. Who knows first to hit the nail in the tree trunk. But ... you can only hit if you know the answer to the question from the quiz. Which team knows how to hit the nail on the head? Whether it will be a white Christmas or not, you will experience enough snow fun in the winter wonderland. You can also play the biathlon shooting game where you learn to shoot at moving targets. By reserving the Winter Wonderland / Après Ski package you can put together the Winter Wonderland game from different parts.

Apres ski games

Expedition Polar Circle, an ice-cold Christmas outing

Search for Santa Claus and conquer the winter cold of the Arctic Circle with your team. You know Expedition Robinson on such a tropical island? Expedition Polar Circle does a little extra on top of that, a bit of ice-cold snow. With this version you have to complete all kinds of tasks in the winter cold to reach the end of the game. How do you make a nice campfire, how do you win a horrible snowball fight? Prepare for a true fight. Flitz events has been organizing Expedition Robinson games for some time. It is still one of the popular activities and also a good team building activity.

Creative Christmas outing: making ice sculptures

Something more relaxed but no less fun is one workshop making ice sculptures in Christmas spirit. Ice is a wonderful material to create sculptures. This is a cold but relaxed activity so there is also some time for a good conversation. The workshops making ice sculpture are given in different ways. This way you can work on a sculpture in groups or on your own or in pairs. You receive guidance from a professional workshop supervisor. He or she will teach you some clever tricks on how you can easily work from an idea for a sculpture to a real art ice work. At the end, the expert jury will select a winner who can go home with the honor and a nice prize.

Workshop ice sculptures
Workshop ice sculptures